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Saving Space with a New Intelligent Loading System

Posted April 15, 2015

LogiPro is a new interactive logistics system that gives suggestions and “thinks” in order to save space while loading goods into transportation vehicles. It is one of the joint research projects presented by Bielefeld University at the Hannover Trade Fair. Scientists from the research focus for “Interactive Intelligent Systems at Bielefeld University” will demonstrate their research findings from 13–17 April 2015. Both CITEC (Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology) and the CoR-Lab (Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics) will also present their work as part of the OstWestfalenLippe joint trade fair exhibition in Hall 16, Booth A04. This joint exhibition apearance is part of the leading-edge cluster “it’s OWL” (Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe).

“it’s OWL” transfer projects highlight the significance of research as a driver of economic growth. With these projects, Bielefeld University successfully bridges basic research with technology transfer. Representing the variety of cooperative networks with regional partners from industry, exhibits on the transfer projects LogiPro and InKom will be showcased this year by Bielefeld University.

In the project called “Interactive Optimization of Logistics Planning” (LogiPro), CITEC researchers are working on an intelligent system that interactively assists workers to optimally load transport vehicles. BE Baulemente GmbH, located in Leopoldshöhe, Germany, is the industry partner on this project. At the trade fair, researchers will demonstrate how the system makes interactive suggestions and “thinks” in order to save space when loading goods.

In the project called “Intelligent Compressor Monitoring” (InKom), researchers from the CoR Lab are working together with the company BOGE Kompressoren in Bielefeld on a system that uses sensors in compressors to monitor if compressed air machines are working properly. Using as few sensors as possible, the new system is designed to recognize certain error conditions, which should result in cost-effective monitoring.

In addition, other exhibits from the cluster cross sectional project “Energy Efficiency” (EE) will be presented at the Hannover trade fair. Key topics for CITEC scientists in this cluster project initiative include researching methods for improving the energy efficiency of intelligent system and the sustainable use of limited resources. Two modular platforms developed at CITEC for data processing in embedded systems as well as in data processing centers will be shown. By using parallel computer architectures, these systems enable energy efficiency gains of up to ten times greater than in conventional approaches.

Source: Bielefeld University

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