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A Heated Tool To Retouch 3D Prints

Posted April 3, 2015

Retouch3D is a new tool with variable heat control system and interchangeable heads designed for specific 3D retouching tasks. The team figured that if heat created a 3D print, then heat would be the best way to clean-up a 3D print. After experimenting with soldering irons, heated wax tools, blow torches, powered grinders and other equipment, the inventors arrived at this solution.


Retouch3D will work with the materials used in mainstream 3D printing: PLA; ABS; and Resin-based processes. The heat range has been designed to accommodate ABS, PLA, resin, wax, and other materials with higher and lower-end temperatures (to account for future materials). The finer temperature adjustment settings allow users to increase/decrease heat by smaller increments for dealing with thicker and thinner print structures.



There are identified five tips, each designed to remove, refine, or blend unwanted material. The control system incorporates a digital processor, which monitors the temperature of the tip and by continually adjusting the amount of current fed to the tip maintains the desired temperature. This process allows for the tip to be maintained at a constant temperature, irrespective of the material or tip used while finishing your 3D print. Device weight is 100g and dimensions are: 178.5mm x 30.2mm x 29.0 mm.


The team have completed the design and prototyping. With crowd-funding campaign on the Kickstarter, the team will finalize beta testing and complete the product certification and packaging. The price is $179 and estimated delivery is on June of 2015, shipments are anywhere in the world.


Source: Kickstarter


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