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A Programmable And Wearable Computer

Posted March 30, 2015

A new Kickstarter project is offering a cheap dev board called CodeBug, which is easy to program wearable computer with a two push buttons and a grid of 25 LEDs. The LEDs can display 5 x 5 pixel animation, like a scrolling message. There’s also a micro USB port and six contacts designed to make it easy to patch in to other gadgets, like a Raspberry Pi.


CodeBug makes things easy for beginners to program, all you need is to plug in the board via USB to a web-based, drag-and-drop editor. No setup or drivers are required.

It’s simple to tether CodeBug to a Raspberry Pi, your PC or other computers. It is simple to control it over the Internet, remotely read sensors, measure the temperature at home, link it to your social networks and display notifications and scroll latest tweets.

The crowd-funding campaign offers to buy and early bird for $12, and for $16 you can get a kit, with the LEDs, switches and wires. An estimated delivery is on June of 2015 and shipments are anywhere in the world.


Source: Kickstarter



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