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BMW group to use 40-ton electric truck for transport on city roads

Posted March 24, 2015

The BMW group is partnering with logistics company SCHERM Group to launch pilot project of 40-ton pure-electric truck for just-in-time material transport over short distances. It is thought to be quite and environmentally friendly and to solve real logistic problems, as car manufacturer is taking a holistic approach to environmental questions.

Electric truck from Terberg is quieter and more environmentally friendly solution for logistics and now it is heading for the streets of Munich. Image credit: BMW

Electric truck from Terberg is quieter and more environmentally friendly solution for logistics and now it is heading for the streets of Munich. Image credit: BMW

BMW was interested in environmentally friendly solutions for quite some time now. Two years ago company launched so called i brand, manufacturing cars with electric drive trains. Currently there are only two models, i3 and i8, but company is thought to expand the range soon. Furthermore, since 2014 the BMW group has sourced more than half its global electricity needs from renewables. Company claims that it takes holistic approach to becoming environmentally friendly – not only they seek to lower CO2 emissions of their cars, but they are also seeking to implement green solutions in manufacturing and logistics.

That is the main reason why electric trucks are going to be used from the middle of this year. The Terberg Type YT202-EV truck is quiet, CO2-free in traffic and generates virtually no particle pollution for the environment. For beginning of the project it will drive between the logistics company SCHERM Group and the BMW Group Plant Munich eight times a day, covering a distance of almost two kilometres one-way. But partners say that, if truck proves to be effective in everyday traffic and can perform its tasks well, they will seek to expand the project. Currently only one year is planned.

It looks like electric truck can prove itself successful, because it is not the first time it is being tested. Same type of truck was used by Behala Company in Berlin last year. The Terberg Type YT202-EV can haul more than 32 metric ton of cargo, but speed is quite limited. That is why it is usually used for short distances. The model BMW is going to use has motor that produces 138 kW of power and only rear wheels are driven. But Terberg Company can modify this truck to have four wheel drive or such options like hydraulic powerpack to operate tipping semitrailers, although such options are usually not necessary for automotive industry.

BMW’s approach to environmental issues demonstrates that not only characteristics of the final product are important. It is very much important how it is made too. There is no point to make a car with extremely low CO2 emissions if manufacturing processes damaged environment more than cars with higher emissions. Therefore, BMW’s decision to implement sustainability throughout the value chain is the right way to go to pave the way for cleaner future.

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