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Hackaball – A programmable Ball To Invent And Play Active Games

Posted March 7, 2015

Hackaball is a programmable ball that kids can program in order to invent and play games, it encourages kids to learn about technology, play together and be physically active. It was designed for children around ages 6 to 10 years. The ball is capable of lights, sounds, and even vibrations.

You could say it’s a computer that you can throw, said the video presenter. The idea is to introduce the kids to simple ways to program and make their own games. You can tell Hackaball what to do by using the app. The apps are really easy, once kids learn the basics, they can do more and play any way they want to and can even turn their Hackaball into an alarm clock.

Inside Hackaball there is a computer which connects to the tablet app wirelessly. It has sensors that detect motions like being dropped, bounced, kicked, shaken or being perfectly still. It has a gyro, accelerometer, vibration motor, nine LEDs, rechargeable battery and memory to store sounds and a speaker. The balls core is inside a tough plastic case surrounded by a circular silicone membrane which acts as a shock absorber.

Hackabal is crowd-funded in the KickStarter. A pledge of $65 gets a ball and free app. The ball comes with a charging cable and a smart plug. Estimated delivery is December of 2015.

Sources: HackaballKickStarter.


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