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3D Printable Raspberry Pi Laptop is 30% Thinner

Posted February 18, 2015

The Pi-Top is a Raspberry Pi 3D printed laptop. It was first unveiled in September of 2014. Since then the size of the laptop has been reduced, and 3D printable case redesigned. The project succeeded in the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, raising over $170.000. These funds helped to move project further.

The Version 3 of the Pi-Top is 30% thinner than the previous model and the biggest functionality change is the addition of a larger track-pad with mouse buttons beneath it. Another great feature is the ability to create and insert your own printed circuit boards to modify the laptop via its modularized PCB rail.

The latest Pi-Top kits will be priced at $299 with the Raspberry Pi board included.

Source: pi-top

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