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Encrypted USB Flash Drive With Built-in Keypad

Posted February 13, 2015

Toshiba’s new encrypted flash drive has a built in keypad for extra security to protect your data. There is no need to install a software on your machine, which does all the encryption and without it – you can’t decrypt the stored files. All you have to do is set a PIN, lock it, and then re-key your PIN and unlock whenever you need to browse through your portable drive. A “Military-grade” 256-bit encryption keeps everything securely stored.

In case you lost your flash drive, and someone finds it, after ten failed attempts to crack it will cause the drive to self-destruct, the data stored on the drive is simple “rendered irretrievable,” according to Toshiba.


The Encrypted USB Flash Drive will be offered in four capacities: 4GB ($95), 8GB ($112), 16GB ($140), and 32GB ($200).

Source: Toshiba

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