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Secure Your Home, Don’t Break the Bank

Posted February 11, 2015

There were nearly 2 million burglaries reported in 2013 resulting in an estimated $4.5 billion in losses. Thankfully, those numbers continue to drop every year, credited in part to homeowners who’ve taken the extra steps to ensure their homes and valuables are safe.

But with often outrageous prices associated with monitored home security systems, how can you protect your home without breaking the bank? Here’s a few ideas to get your started:

See ‘em Coming

Wireless IP camera systems from Lorex for your home are a great way to protect yourself and often serve a dual function. Not only do they provide a visible notice to would-be offenders but they give you the security to see what is going on outside your home from anywhere. With the functionality to work on nearly any wireless network and the ability to be viewed and controlled from your phone, you will always know what’s going on at home. They also have night vision capability and the ability to be motion-activated with the additional feature of notifying you whenever they turn on.

Lock ‘em Out

Keeping your doors secure with a quality deadlock is one of the easiest ways to up your safety at home. But with today’s tech, you can also ensure that no one is able to get in by copying your key and making a duplicate. A touchscreen electronic deadbolt from Kwikset is durable, easy and convenient. It offers one-touch locking, a capacitive touchscreen for reliable usage, the flexibility to program up to 30 codes, and the ability to actually re-key the tumbler lock whenever you want.

Light ‘em Up

Having motion detecting lights installed on the front of your house, like the2-head LED Floodlight from Lithonia Lighting, is a great way to scare away potential invaders and also alert your neighbors that something is happening in the middle of the night. The dual array sensor can provide up to 180-degree protection at a distance of up to 70 feet and is easy to both install and adjust on the fly.

Get ‘em Out

Door and windows sensors like the Schlage Home Intelligence System with automation by Nexia may not necessarily help you prevent a home intrusion, but it will help you deal with it immediately. The devices are easily installed on all your entry points and will notify you whenever your doors or windows are opened. If you want, it also lets you control various systems throughout your home like lighting and temperature.

Sometimes the best prevention method is awareness. Take the time to get to know your neighbors and the people that frequent your neighborhood. If everyone knows everyone else, strangers and would-be thieves are much more likely to be quickly identified. Also, make sure you have good line of sight for all the major approaches to your house. A lot of trees and bushes may look nice and prevent people from seeing into your home, but they will also prevent you from seeing out. Most of all, use common sense and make sure to keep your windows and doors locked at night and when you leave.


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