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E-Ink screen that displays your widgets via WiFi

Posted January 26, 2015

DISPLIO is 2.7-inch a battery-powered E-Ink programmable screen to display your widgets via WiFi. It could show weather, temperature, Facebook updates, list your calendar appointments and track any notifications you desire. It can track your business metrics and stats or meeting room reservations. A built-in speaker will get your attention for important notifications.

The API is open for anyone to develop their own widgets. The libraries for most programming languages are provided as well as visual editor. Since Dispolio has no buttons, users interact using gestures, for example tapping reloads a widget while turning the device over activates a new one.

With an app that’s available on iOS and Android smartphones it helps you to setup, install and configure widgets and receive notifications. A MicroUSB cable is included to charge its battery.

And if you’re interested in pre-orders, the Kickstarter price is  $79 or more.

Source: KickStarter



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