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The Smart office desk that reminds you to exercise

Posted January 23, 2015

The Stir Kinetic Desk is an interactive desk which is height-adjustable and senses your presence, moves from sitting to standing, and quantifies health benefits of doing that, in how much calories you burn by standing more.

The desk interacts with you and reminds you to move without interruption. The desk rises and falls one inch over about six seconds, so the motion will get your attention without breaking your work flow. With a swipe or tap on the touch-screen, you can choose to change position or stay put. It gives you ability to create goals for how much would you like to stand while at your desk. Also it shows you personal charts, how much time you’ve spent sitting vs standing by day, week, as well how many calories you burned. It also senses your presence and wakes up when you arrive. The desk is promoted as an item that “learns, quantifies, breathes.”


It also could detect who you are if integration with more devices would be supported in the times ahead. Assembly should take about 30 minutes, according to the company site. The desk is priced at $2,990.



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