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The Razor – 3D printed aerial vehicle

Posted January 5, 2015

The Razor is a 3D-printed, hand-launchable, autonomous aerial vehicle developed by Professor David Sheffler. An Android smartphone included in the aircraft to act as the central processor.


David Sheffler and his mechanical engineering students used 3D printing to create the body of the aircraft – the wings, tips, and body.


“The goal of this research is to show where the state of the art is in creating a capable system with an open-source approach.” explained Sheffler.

Proffessor believes that in the next 10 years a typical household would have a 3D printer and products would be purchased online in the form of a downloaded file that would be printed out in the home. It might be possible eventually to print your own shoes after scanning your feet, or maybe print your clothes.


Source: University of Virginia


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