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Millenials and the Media: What were the Trends in 2014?

Posted January 2, 2015

Technology and today’s media seem to be obsessed with millennials, those born roughly between the late seventies to mid-nineties, coming to age in the latter part of the nineties into 2005 and beyond. Conversely, and vice versa, this generation seems to be addicted to both technology and media. Ironic, isn’t it?


Also referred to as Generation Y or Echo Boomers, this age-relative demographic usually makes up the largest portion of the population, as it does currently. Representing one-third of the total marketplace, this group also holds tremendous purchasing power and influences a huge portion of today’s social relevancy.

Here are some interesting questions and observations when it comes to today’s modern media influences and the attention of our young millennials.

What media is dominating millennial’s mobile devices?

With the overwhelming popularity of smartphones, tablets and other handheld mobile devices these days, social media is still dominating the grasp of this younger generation, even to the point of anxiety and addiction.

But despite it’s rapidly growing popularity amongst youngsters, uber-popular, newer sites like Snapchat still lag far behind the number one social media giant Facebook, number two YouTube, even Pandora wins out over this younger photo sharing platform.

Do older forms of media get this younger audience’s attention?

While many will argue and debate the subject of the death of print media, most of these venues have already moved online. Surprisingly enough, some of the more traditional, older forms of news and information from previous generations are still captivating the attention of twenty-somethings.

After you remove the current, more age-appropriate, top performer, Buzzfeed from the equation, millennials are still visiting the Grandfather of financing newsfeeds, The Wall Street Journal at number five and even higher at number two is awarded to the ancient New York Times. Great Aunt Cosmo still shows up in the top ten garnering the number eight slot and the Great Uncle  New Yorker comes in at number ten. Older fashion cousins Esquire and Vogue are also appearing fairly significant in these rankings.

Is Generation Y evolving into violence?

Media continues to increase the level of violence aimed at millennials and many are questioning the effects of these aggressive influences. According to a study from The Ohio State University, lead researcher Brad Bushman, states, “Some people claim there is no consensus about whether violent media can increase aggression in children, but this study shows that there is consensus.” The study found that that 66% of researchers, 67% of parents and 90% of pediatricians agree (or strongly agree) that violent video games and movies can increase aggressive behavior among children.

In conclusion, let’s end on a happier note, I’ll end with a personal, amusing, little millennial anecdote that I will share, since I have a child on the younger end of this age range.

My own twenty-year-old princess was running late for work the other day, taking pity on her, I made a “to-go” sandwich that could be consumed during her commute. I used one of those “old-school,” fold-top bags from many days gone by, long-ago replaced by the sealable “zip-lock” plastic envelopes. I left the fold open so she could consume it during her commute, but she commented that it would be saved for later during her actual lunch hour.

While I often turn to her my daughter for relevant advice on Twitter troubles, Snapchat snags, Facebook faux pas, LinkedIn loopholes and other current technological tragedies, she asked me the strangest question, how do I close this? I laughed out loud, walked into the kitchen and demonstrated how to close the fold rather than zipping it shut as she has grown so accustomed to in our more advanced age.

About the author: Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. He has  contributed articles to, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas.

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