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Drone that turns an average person into a filmmaker

Posted December 31, 2014

Ghost is an easy drone to fly. With a smartphone app it is easy to pilot instead of radio controller which could be difficult for beginners. Auto-follow feature will let you film yourself. You can use it for action sports, from trail running and biking, to surfing and snow sports.

Our auto-follow will continue to film you as you make turns and change direction, always keeping the camera on you.


Ghost is also wind resistant, water-proof, with automatic return if the connection is lost. Night mode has LED lights to track drone in the sky. The app will alert you when the battery is low.

Point your finger on the map, and the drone flies to that spot


With a GoPro it is easy to film. A smartphone-app controlled 2D gimbal stabilizes your shot. You can integrate with a third-party recording monitor to stream your photos and videos as the drone is flying.

In case you want to define your own way of flying, every shipment comes with an easy-to-use software development kit. The Ghost SDK allows you to control your Ghost with commands as high level as “take off,” “fly to xyz,” “loiter” and “land”, or with as low level as setting the spinning speed of the propellers, the inclination of the drone body, or the orientation of the GoPro camera. With the Ghost SDK, you get full control and potential of the drone.

The current Indiegogo campaign originally aimed for $100,000 but has raised more than $640,000. The Price is btween $500 and $1000.


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