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Interactive App for Kids with Autism

Posted December 23, 2014

Millions of children struggles to make eye contact due to autism. There has been no scientifically-endorsed treatment. Samsung released Look At Me, an Android app that it claims can help kids learn how to better maintain eye contact and other social skills.

The app was developed by doctors and professors from Seoul National University Bundag Hospital and Yonsei University Department of Psychology. It uses photos, facial recognition, and a series of games to help kids read emotions and communicate with other people.

Jong-Hyun trained with Look At Me every day for eight weeks. And it’s not only helped him to make eye contact more easily, but also brought him closer to his mom.

The team  conducted a clinical trial with 20 children for eight weeks, and claim that 60 percent of kids tested showed improvement in making eye contact. Look At Me is available on Google Play

Sources: SamsungTechCrunch

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