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Brawker lets you order anything with bitcoins

Posted December 22, 2014

Brawker is a Bitcoin company that allows people to buy and spend bitcoins by matching a bitcoin holder with a credit card holder. The credit card holder pays for a service and receives the bitcoins in return. Basically it is a platform for people to buy bitcoins or to use bitcoins anywhere, with a discount.

If you want to order anything with bitcoins, just select items you want to buy from any online merchant and post the order on Brawker. Deposit sufficient bitcoins in your Brawker wallet. Interested Brawker users will bid for your order. Accept a bid, and negotiate your discount. When you receive the items and you are fully satisfied, finish the transaction releasing your bitcoins to the buyer.

If you want to buy bitcoins on Brakwer, just select an order and bid for it. When the spender accepts your bid, you will have twelve hours to fulfill the order. Use the message thread to give the spender timely information about the order status, such as shipping and tracking details. The better your communication, the sooner you’ll get your bitcoins. It gives an ability to obtain bitcoins without giving out all the banking information. This way you will keep your information private.

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