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Eva – the smart shower

Posted December 19, 2014

Eva is a device that attaches to your shower, between the water inlet pipe and shower head. It includes a proximity sensor, temperature sensor and a water flow valve so it can throttle back the water flow when the ideal water temperature is reached, or when the occupant has stepped away from the shower head. The basic idea being to conserve water by cutting the flow when it’s not really needed. Eva saves up to 50% of water usage.

Features include:

  •  Eva shuts off your water flow once your desired temperature is reached making sure no water is wasted before you get in.
  • A unique sensor system that adjusts the water flow based off your needs.
  • A timer that notifies you when you are taking too long of a shower.

Controlled by our specialized smartphone app, Eva can be calibrated to fit different showers, shower heads and user preferences. The app can also track your water usage, habits and savings; providing you with valuable information that can help you learn and conserve even more.  With data from thousands of Evas feeding into the app, you will be able to compare your usage with other users, as well as track the trends and changes in water consumption of the entire Eva community.

The pre-orders are taken for crowdfunding on the Indigogo website and it’s current price is $99.

Source:, Indiegogo

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