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Desolenator transforms sunshine into water

Posted December 8, 2014

Desolinator is a solar powered water desalination system, which converts any type of water (including sea water) into a drinking water.

Today a bilion people in the planet don’t have constant access to a clean and safe water. 97% of the worlds water is salt water.

Existing desalination systems are energy intensive which makes them expensive to maintain. The solution is available. A working prototype is assembled, and needs funding and support to get it developed and shipped to the people who need it. An Indiegogo campaign asking for investment to begin the manufacturing. The price for a Desolinator is $450.

Key features include:

  • high performance solar panels
  • embedded boiler and pump
  • remote monitoring system
  • food grade materials
  • robust casing and alloys
  • unit is ready for use anywhere (coastal, high TDS / contaminent / arsenic/ saline groundwater etc. scenarios)


Sources: Indiegogo, Deselenator





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