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The Debate That Never Ends: iOS vs Android

Posted December 5, 2014

android using smartphoneThe debate over the superiority of iOS and Android is only growing as Android continues to up its game and challenge iOS. Android often wins for it’s user-friendly interface, easy to use apps and affordability, reports Digital Trends. In 2012 Forbes reported, “over this past quarter, of the mobile devices sold, 64.1 percent are powered by Google’s Android and 18.8 percent are operated by Apple’s iOS.”

With Android making quality phones with as many, if not more, apps and cool features as iOS, then why are people still drawn to iOS?

Studies show that cellphone users spend more time on apps than browsing the web. It’s easier to find the information you want directly from the app than searching the Internet, reports Flurry. Mobile app usage is even outpacing computer usage as people are spending more time daily on their mobile devices rather than a desktop or a laptop. People are simply using their cellphones as the main source of social interaction and Internet access.

The draw of iOS has always been its innovative technology. But in recent years, Apple has lost “cool” points with technology buffs and stockholders, reports Marketwatch. Apple isn’t at the top of it’s game like it used to be. Android is quickly innovating and changing with each device, leaving room to steal a larger portion of the marketplace. Studies also show that teenagers are moving more to Android because they’re after the latest, fastest and best technology, reports Forbes.

With all of this in mind, what can store owners do to attract Android users? The answer is apps. If you can get your customers interacting with apps, they’ll be able to see for themselves that Android has apps just as great as iOS does. There are all the popular apps like Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Tinder and Instagram. But there also great apps like Dropbox which allow you to upload files from your phone to your desktop and access your files anywhere without having to connect any cords to your PC. Users can also try out the app Unclouded to combine cloud services into one easy to use app. There are easy to download music apps like Spotify.

Android is technologically advanced and offering amazing products that rival iOS. All customers need is a push in the right direction. Customers want what is cool and devices that can do everything — Android can provide this to them. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is just one of the newest devices made by Samsung with all the coolest, newest features of Android.

The debate between iOS and Android may never quiet down. But, with Android coming in right behind iOS and beating it in many areas, customers are turning to Android more often. Apps are the key to engaging with customers. People need to see what apps are available to them on Android and how easy they are to use. Teens are looking for the latest in technology. They’re the perfect demographic to sell Android phones to. People that want innovative technology will purchase Androids. iOS is about the image and past prestige of Apple products but with statistics changing, that image is no longer as shiny, new and cool as it used to be. Now is the time to take advantage of the changing image of iOS and the new demographic make the change to Android.


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