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An abstract community of science volunteers

Posted November 11, 2014

This abstract piece of art represents a “live” network of citizen science volunteers at the Zooniverse who have participated in community discussion using Zooniverse Talk discussion tool. Each dot is representative of one user and its size depends on the number of comments they have made. The network is made up of lines that connect users who commented on the same projects, colors represent the projects user is mostly engaging in.

An Abstract Community. Credit: Rob Simpson / The Zooniverse

An Abstract Community. Credit: Rob Simpson / The Zooniverse

The Zooniverse is the world’s largest citizen science platform; with over a million users worldwide, it helps to crowdsource a number of science projects, including the legendary Galaxy Zoo and a few other “Zoos”, asking to classify images of space. The site is also a home to projects relating to nature and the humanities.

The abstract network of Zooniverse volunteers was put together by Rob Simpson, researcher at the Zooniverse. Live worldwide activity across the Zooniverse can also be spotted in a real-time map here.

Written by Eglė Marija Ramanauskaitė

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