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Sound for your smartphone

Posted October 10, 2014

The Amp is an iPhone-compatible device with dual speaker system and a noise reducing technology. The company released an app called SoundFocus, that slightly improves the audio, from the lowest bass to the highest notes. SoundFocus gives people with hearing loss 20/20 hearing when listening to music on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Two powerful 14×20 mm drivers deliver rich bass and crisp high notes leveraging Amp’s 6 cubic cm of acoustically engineered backflow volume. Amp’s audio processing engine runs on a speedy Cortex-M4, with a high quality 24-bit DAC and a headphone amp for audiophile grade sound.

The Amp improves voice conferencing by reducing ambient noise and can amplify calls. It has a built-in battery, that increases listening time by 25%. Pre-order price is $69.


Source: ampaudio


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