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Fast-Charging Bio-Organic Batteries

Posted October 3, 2014

StoreDot is a nanotechnology startup company developing a quantum dot-utilizing fast-charging smartphone battery technology. It uses its bio-organic nano-crystal technology  for faster charging batteries and also a cheaper and non-toxic alternative to cadmium in screens. These nano- crystals are 2 nano-meters in diameter, and consist of bio-organic peptide molecules that possess multi-functional intrinsic properties such as: unique fluorescence within the visible region; electrochemical, charge trapping, piezoelectric, nonlinear optical and others.

Due to their electrochemical attributes the bio-organic nano-crystal technology are being used for preparing of new generation supercapacitors and it has the potential to enhance current technologies of smartphones and TV displays, bio-LEDs, and bio-lasers. Physical and electrochemical properties offers rich color vividness that enhances new-generation bendable, transparent and paper-thin displays and it uses non-polluting materials;

Their biocompatibility presents a opportunity to apply them in nanomedicine, drug delivery, food security labeling and more.

Source: StoreDot




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