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RogerVoice app for the deaf people

Posted September 26, 2014

RogerVoice – a first mobile app for the deaf people that subtitles phone conversation in real time. It will help millions of hard-of-hearing people by letting them make phone calls. You can read what other person is saying in real time.

RogerVoice is a VoIP app that intercepts your recipient’s voice to transcribe it. A third-party real time transcription service pushes the result to your phone. It works in a dozen of languages already. Your recipient can hear you like a normal phone call. The people you call don’t have to install an app and there is no third-party human involved.

The RogerVoice can significantly change the life of a lot of people. The app is designed for Android platforms and is coming to the iOS as well.

Source: KickStarter


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