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Skydrop: a wifi sprinkler controller

Posted September 10, 2014

The Skydrop wifi sprinkler controller is a revolutionary new device that uses smart technology to accurately determine the correct amount of water needed for optimal lawn and garden irrigation.

Copy of Jun-03-2014-153 (1)

Wireless irrigation controller attached on the inner side of the wall.

The main controller features a 4.3 inch LCD screen and a 24V AC Wall Adapter, weighs approximately two pounds, allows for up to 16 watering zones (with an expansion unite), and features wireless capability which allows it to connect with the cloud. The entire package is finished in attractive and modern gunmetal gray housing with an aluminum jog dial lit by LED.

The device makes use of its impressive smart capabilities in order to automatically keep track of local weather conditions. As seasons change and precipitation increases or decreases—even from day to day—the Skydrop Sprinkler Controller receives constant weather updates through its wireless connection to the cloud, and factors in data related to humidity, temperature, solar radiation, wind, slope, and even soil condition, and then alters the watering schedule accordingly.

Controller screen

Controller screen with basic irrigation-related information.


All this ensures that lawns, gardens, and any other areas that need irrigation receive the perfect amount of water, no matter what the weather outside may be like. It can also be controlled directly from any computer or mobile smart device. No rooftop weather system is necessary, and installation of the device can be completed in minutes; no special training is required.

Skydrop Logo TMAs SkydropTM CTO and co-founder Clark Endrizzi explains, ““From season-to-season your watering requirements change so dramatically and most homeowners don’t know how much to water from spring to summer. What’s great is that this just takes care of all that for you”.

SkydropTM first began accepting pre-orders for in June, and the Skydrop Sprinkler Controller became available for direct purchase in August. The Skydrop Sprinkler Controller can be purchased for $299 via the SkydropTM website.

Source: Skydrop

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