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Bleep – the chat app for privacy amateurs

Posted August 4, 2014

BitTorrent has launched a spy-proof chat app called Bleep. The messenger is Pre-Alpha will be available on Windows desktop to start. Bleep offers freedom to communicate person to person over text and voice.


BitTorrent Bleep messenger is based on sever-less technology and will be initially available to selected users on Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. Jaehee Lee a Senior Product Manager at BitTorrent, wrote:

“Our big idea was to apply distributed technology to conversations. That means no servers required. This enables people using Bleep to make a direct, decentralized connection to someone they trust. Bleep offers the freedom to communicate without the risk of metadata being exposed.”

This unique messinger will be a great tool for:

  • Friends keeping conversations amongst friends

  • Journalists communicating with sources without exposing their identity or their content

  • Members of the diplomatic corps sharing private dispatches

  • Businesses keeping communications confidential, safe from leaks, and safe from industrial espionage


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Source: BitTorrent Blog

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