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‘Digital Tattoo’ unlocks your smartphone

Posted July 25, 2014

Digital tattoo will help you to unlock your mobile device faster than tapping or swiping your secret combination on the display. These Digital tattoos are just stickers and aren’t permanent like regular tattoos. These stickers you can apply to any part of you body, for example an arm. 

VivaLnk, Motorola’s creative partner for this concept, embedded NFC tags into what is essentially a sticker that can be applied to the skin, much like a Band-Aid, but with an extended life — closer to that of a nicotine patch. According to the company, each tattoo will last up to “five days of showers, swimming, workouts, and anything else you can think of,”.

At the moment the these digital tattoos are only available for Moto X smartphone.


Sources: The Daily Dot, VivaLnk


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