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The Beast – a solar powered e-bike

Posted July 23, 2014

The Beast: a solar powered electric bike. It acts like a scooter and has full functional pedals that make it street legal and it has wide tires that allow you go on paved roads, dirt roads and off road. Also it charges while you are riding, working or resting.

The solar battery pack charges at approximately 1 km/hr in any type of daylight. 90% of e-bike riders  do approximately 10 km or less per day. This means most riders will have no need for a charger , but charger is included in case you need to charge faster.

The removable battery pack can act as an emergency power generator. It has two usb ports to charge any small device from your smart phone to a notebook or even a TV.

It houses the 4 500 lumen LED headlight. The bike weighs a 55 kg, is a 1.1m in height and 1.92m long. You can ride this bike at a top speed of just 32 km/h, thanks to its 500W motor.

Source: Kickstarter

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