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Google Search warns whether website will work on your device

Posted July 16, 2014

Google search can now notify you if a web page will not work on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Those websites with more Adobe Flash contents, which is not supported on iOS devices or on Android versions 4.1 and higher, Google will notify you as shown below.

This doesn’t mean Google will remove these sites from its search listings, it will indicate to users that detected pages may not work on their devices. Google recommends webmasters to use HTML5 web language which is globally supported by all modern devices. To create websites supported by all the devices Google has announced two resources:


  • Web Fundamentals: a curated source for modern best practices.
  • Web Starter Kit: a starter framework supporting the Web Fundamentals best practices out of the box.

Google also states that, not to block crawling of any Googlebot of the page assets (CSS, JavaScript, and images) using robots.txt or otherwise. These resources if accessible helps Google’s algorithms detect your site’s responsive web design configuration and treat it appropriately.

Source: Google Blog


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