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INTOINO do-it-yourself kits: Bring your Arduino ideas to life!

Posted June 3, 2014

Let’s think to the LEGO for a while. When you buy the LEGO helicopter you know exactly that after following all the instructions you’ll have built an helicopter, isn’t it? But after that, you know that if you want you can start modifying it, personalizing it, step by step, brick after brick. In the same way you can do this process with the INTOINO projects.


INTOINO mission is to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to everyone, to ensure that every creative mind can focus on what make rather than on how to, speeding and facilitating the development and prototyping process of an idea.

To make this possible INTOINO has created a system composed by two parts, one hardware and one software.

The hardware is called BULB, a smart device developed around the Atmel SAM4L, a 32-bit Cortex-M4 at 48MHz. Featuring a modular power system, a Wi-Fi chip and a USB-OTG interface, it is able to automatically recognize the Arduino™ connected (or other OSHW device) and to enhance its performance by providing access to SAM4L’s computing power and memory, thanks to a dedicated API set.

The hardware part of INTOINO - smart, compact and powerful tool called BULB, which is also compatible with Arduino™ and other USB-OSHW devices

The hardware part of INTOINO – smart, compact and powerful tool called BULB, which is also compatible with Arduino™ and other USB-OSHW devices

In such a way it is possible to design with greater ease filters, motor controls and in general do some impossible calculations for the 8-bit processors typical of most Arduinos™.

The BULB allows the internet connection with or without SSL protection providing direct interface, without the needs of external services or server costs, to the WEB APPs (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…) and in general with the cloud services that require authentication. Even in this case dedicated API are provided to allow the communication control.


Finally it makes possible to program Arduino™ boards via Wi-Fi, directly from the Arduino’s™ IDE or from a tablet on which the INTOINO’s APP is installed.

A Store&Program function was added to the programming feature, thanks to which it is possible to store a program in the BULB memory that can then be downloaded directly, without the need of a PC or mobile device, on how many boards you want, shortening the firmware updating time and promoting comfort.


The software part is an APP, similar to APP Store/Play Store that we all have on our smartphone or tablet, but its content are not programs that can be installed on the tablet itself, they are real projects with simple instructions installable via Wi-Fi, through the BULB, directly on the Arduino™.

In this virtual marketplace, everyone can buy, sell or share DIY, Open Source or non Open Source projects…the first APP Store in the physical world. You can think to it as a repository where store your preferred projects or to a source for new codes, ideas and designs. Every entry on the App Store (if released as Open Source) can be modified, personalized and shared again with the community. You can also design your own projects and share or sell worldwide.


To simplify and speed up the ideas making process and let it be accessible by everyone, INTOINO embedded its own product in comfortable MAKER KIT, similar to the LEGO™ kits, that contain an Arduino™, a selection of sensors and actuators by Grove™, different according to the type of kit and to the sector to which it is addressed, a power supply and two USB cables. These kits are real “toolbox” in which you can find all the necessary elements to start creating your inventions.

You will be able to realize robots, drones’ control systems, home automation, devices for plants and pets care, and much more… the limit is your imagination.

Now making something becomes easy. You can start modifying existing projects from the App Store (if released Open Source), customizing it, writing new codes, new functions, adding sensors and actuators to better suit your needs by purchasing them directly from INTOINO website or from a Grove™ retailer. The result is still not what you have in your mind? You can invent a new project from scratch, choose what sensors/actuators to use, writing the code, writing the user guide etc…and then decide whether to share it or sell it on the APP. You can also.

In this way, more projects will be available and developed in the APP and more things everyone can make with our MAKER KIT and also new MAKER KIT will born from developers inventions.

Everyone could become an inventor and create something new to share or sell worldwide.


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