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New urban mini turbine for lantern poles introduced

Posted June 2, 2014

On the market launch of its ‘big brother’ – the Liam f1 – R&D Company the Archimedes introduced a smaller version as well: the Liam Pole Mini Urban Wind Turbine. With half its size (ø 0.75cm) it will be be mounted on a Cradle-2-Cradle lantern Pole manufactured by Sapa Pole Products.

This new Product Market Combination (PMC) has the potential to save a lot money on electrical infrastructure. When combining the Liam Pole urban mini wind turbine with a set of solar panels (PV), a LED lantern pole becomes totally self-sufficient.


mini urban windmill on a lantarn Cradle 2 Cradle poleDuring daylight the solar panels and the turbine will charge  a battery which will supply the light emitting diodes (LEDs) during night time, supported by the Liam turbine when enough wind is at hand.

Because of its coned shaped form, the Liam Pole urban wind turbine will yaw itself in any wind direction starting from a windspeed  of 2 m/s, even when it changes a lot. Ideal for an urban environment where turbulence rules – making a lot of competing turbines idle. Because of its low cut-in wind speed and the fact that is mounted higher on a pole, the Liam Pole will have a sufficient yield. And it operates fairly silently. All together very pleasant for pedestrians or bikers passing by.

The output of the Liam Pole UWT (ø 0.75cm)  is believed to have  ¼ off the energy output of the Liam F1 (ø 1,50cm). Together with Sapa Pole Products and our Korean Innovation partner EscoRTS, the Liam Pole Mini UWT will be tested in  windtunnels and in urban surroundings.

Calculations are being made to result in a advisory price, which wil be announced  in a later stage.


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