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Sony warns users to stop using Vaio Fit 11A laptop, as it may overheat and catch fire

Posted April 18, 2014

Sony is reported to have warned its users to stop using Vaio Fit 11A laptop, as it is equipped with Panasonic made batteries has risk of overheating and catching fire. Sony said that it has received three reports of batteries overheating causing partial burns to Vaio computers. The first incident was in Japan on March 19, followed by similar incidents on March 30 in Hong Kong and April 8 in China. Japanese firm is reported to have stopped selling the product at the beginning of this month.

The company has already sold 25,905 units of the Vaio Fit 11A world-wide since it first went on sale in February. Of these, nearly 7,000 were sold in Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan and China. About 3,600 were sold in Japan, 2,000 in China, 7,000 in Europe, 5,600 in Latin America, and 500 in the U.S.

Sony said in a statement Friday it was identifying the affected computers by serial number and developing a program to repair or replace them. It said the company would provide details on its home page within two weeks. Meanwhile Panasonic too have acknowledged that it had provided the batteries to Sony under an outsourcing contract.

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