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Why it is not worth to buy Google Glass?

Posted April 15, 2014

After the introduction of Google Glass there have been many discussions around. While one considered it to be the best innovation of the year, others were worried about them disturbing our concentration, looking ridiculously and not worth buying at all.  But why not?


Business Insider reporter Kyle Russel tells his story of being attacked. The reporter was wearing his Google Glass while he was walking to the station, when a guy put his hand on the man’s face and yelled “Glass!”. This guy took the glasses and ran away. Unfortunately Kyle did not catch him. The thing is that, while Google Glass is not widely affordable, it becomes desirable for some people and might encourage them to do something horrible to have it. That means, you need to hide it while you are somewhere outside if you want to keep them. But then why to buy this device, as at home you can easily use your computer or other much cheaper device.

Another thing is that its UI (user’s interface) can not handle lots of apps, according to While there are so many different discussions around, some app developers do not see a market there and decide to wait. Users may miss apps like “Foursquare” or “Uber”.

Robert Scoble, a blogger and technology evangelist,  notices that Google Glass can not fulfill our main addiction which currently is Facebook. So probably we will either change our habits and needs, or refuse using Google Glass. First one sounds more convincing, right?

R. Scoble also notes that there is a problem called “The Gruber problem” which is mainly about people’s fear to lose their humanity. People are afraid that they already have a huge addiction to their phones and the use of Google Glass will make this addiction even bigger. The author agrees that there may be some truth there and says that if the device worked like he’s dreaming, it might really happen but not today. It still needs improvements.

People wearing Google Glass may be distrusted by their peers, according to While some people are annoyed by those guys who picture and later post everything, with Google Glass it will become much more difficult to recognize them. They simply won’t need to do any visible movement so you won’t know from whom to hide. People wearing these glasses will become untrusted ones. Do we really want this? also states that the device can not fully replace anything – neither a smartphone, nor a tablet, nor a portable media player. So it may become a gadget that you would buy and just keep safe somewhere. According to the website, it has to be replaced rather than improved. So, as technologies are growing and improving so fast something much more epic certainly will come along.

Sources: BusinessInsider,, Reuters

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