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The trend of selfies has spread among the people

Posted April 14, 2014

“But first, let me take a selfie“ – that are the words of The Chainsmokers song that has over 63 million views on YouTube and basically means taking a picture of yourself by yourself.  According to, the idea of the song came from society‘s trend of using the word “selfie” and seeing girls in the club taking pictures of themselves.

The aforesaid band decided to cash on this phenomenon and it was a great decision while the song became very popular and encouraged people to make pictures of self in many unbelievable situations.

And what are the other trends of selfies? Here are some interesting and worth-mentioning examples.

A guy named Ferdinand Puentes was on his way to Hawaii. Unfortunately the plane he was flying in couldn’t make it and crashed into the middle of Pacific Ocean. Ferdinand took an advantage of having his GoPro camera with him at the moment and took a selfie of him floating in the water after a terrifying accident.


Another case – on April 10 police received a report about a guy who was going to jump onto the freeway. While police has shut down the freeway for more than three hours and tried to convince the guy not to jump, some people found it as a great opportunity to supplement their photo albums. A group of people took a photo with a suicidal man on the background and surprisingly looked very happy of catching this terrible moment.


Also, recently a new competition on Instagram and Facebook called “Selfie Olympics” has appeared as well. The main thing was to make an awesome and crazy picture that would be better than anyone else’s. There were no strict rules how and where you had to take the picture, but has noticed some certain aspects regarding safety – taking a picture in a bathroom and “door selfies”, that look really dangerous, are very popular in this new trend.


While we are taking pictures of ourselves, companies are looking for ways to use the trend in their production. The company called iStrategy has created a two-way mirror that takes selfies for you. It consists of a Mac Mini, a webcam and Arduino-controlled LEDs. The facial recognition software that is installed on the Mac recognizes you and starts the photo-taking process. After that, the software sticks your logo onto it and shares it to the social media of your choice. Here’s the video about his development:

It seems that the trend of selfies is getting more popular each day, and soon it will be much easier than ever before to take these selfie images to share. What will be other future trends of selfies? Share your thoughts in comments.

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