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New DropBox for Business announced alongwith Project Harmony that collaborates with Microsoft

Posted April 11, 2014


DropBox announced all-new Dropbox for Business which is available to everyone. The new DropBox for Business has been rebuilt to give users one Dropbox for personal stuff and another for work stuff. Now users can easily access both Dropboxes from any of their devices. The business solution was rebuilt in-order to give IT administrators more control and visibility over their organization data.

Key Features of DropBox for Business are :

1.Remote wipe helps protect confidential information,

2.Account Transfer helps you maintain business continuity,

3.Sharing audit logs let you track how your Dropbox for Business information is being accessed.

Dropbox also unveiled a new feature called “Project Harmony” which brings new collaboration tools for Dropbox users while they’re editing documents in Microsoft Office applications including Powerpoint, Word, and Excel. It will be launched to users “later this year,” and will let Dropbox users see when other people are viewing and editing shared documents, and have discussions about them.


 via BC

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