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Dutch government reported to pay Microsoft ‘millions’ to extend XP support

Posted April 11, 2014


In the wake of Microsoft’s deadline to end support for its Windows XP system on 8 April (today), has left several governments, agencies and ATM machines across the globe concerned about vulnerabilities posed by retiring operating system. The anxiety among government agencies (which has failed to upgrade their systems to newer version of OS provided by the Redmond giant) is so high that, the Netherlands is reported to have signed a multimillion Euro deal with Microsoft to secure continued support for its Windows XP systems, reported Dutch News on 4th April.

Newspaper added that approximately 30,000 to 40,000 Dutch national government civil servants are still using computers running on Windows XP platform, even though Microsoft is ending its support for the OS this month. The government PCs are being upgrade and process is expected to be completed by next year January.  Microsoft generally charges $200 per PC for its support services.

Meanwhile British government too has signed nearly Euro 7 million deal for one year with Microsoft to extend support for XP based computers running in its offices. This deal will provide updates for XP, Office 2003, and Exchange 2003 software being used on UK public sector computers. British government is expected to upgrade its computers running on XP until April 2015.

According to Jason Lim, Microsoft’s general manager of Windows business group, users running their PCs on Windows XP could be exposed to security risks.

It’s really critical that consumers who still own Windows XP devices recognise that it’s not just about upgrading to something new,” said Lim in a statement last month.

“This is about protecting your PC from security threats, especially if you are using the internet. Windows XP wasn’t designed for today’s mobile, always-connected lives, or for protecting businesses and individuals from the millions of new online security threats that have emerged,” he said.


 via BC

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