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Microsoft reveals Windows in the car, may come with Cortana virtual assistant

Posted April 7, 2014

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Microsoft is reported to have unveiled Windows in car system at its build 2014 event. The software firm has already been providing in-car entertainment system over several years to several auto companies.

Demonstrating at the company’s Build developer conference, Microsoft’s Steve Teixeira revealed the system which more like Apple’s Car Play. The Windows in car system is being tested in real time and it can project all the on-screen info from your Windows device on a touch based car infotainment system. The connectivity between Windows devices and car-system is accomplished through connectivity protocol called Mirrorlink. This protocol is currently used by Nokia’s Symbian phones and Sony’s Xperia Z handset.

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Auto manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Citroen are working on MirrorLink supported vehicles. Car entertainment manufacturers like Alpine and Pioneer are backing this standard. Steve also noted during the demo that developers will be able to create apps that are designed for the car. Also the demo revealed a Windows marketplace which was smaller and similar to Windows 8 marketplace. The Windows in car is also expected to support voice commands and may come with Cortana (virtual assistant launched for Windows phone), hence will allow hassle free infotainment operations while you’re driving.

The concept of Windows in car system is still not ready for commercial purpose and there was no word regarding its release date.

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