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Facebook starts restricting fraudulent accounts with suspicious high number of likes

Posted April 4, 2014

Facebook has started restricting fraudulent accounts which are showing suspicious high number of likes. According to data reflected from the Facebook team shows 52,000 pages exist for politicians and political parties in India out which only 60 are verified pages.

India is slated for general elections in the coming month and politicians across country are striving to increase their social media presence in the election season.  The social networking website has 93 million monthly active users in India. Facebook is reported to have built automated and manual system to block fraudulent accounts with huge number of likes. With the growing power of social media, politicians across parties have taken to the digital medium to interact with the youth through Facebook and Twitter this election season.

“We’re always focused on maintaining the integrity of our site, but we’ve placed an increased focus on abuse from fake accounts recently,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an emailed response to PTI. Officials say fake accounts are caught at various points, including during registration, friending, clicking the ‘Like’ button and messaging.

“We write rules to catch anomalies that signal fake accounts, and we use classifiers based on machine learning to help us identify suspicious behaviour,” says the spokesperson. To validate and improve the quality of the automated decisions, user prompts and other techniques are used to determine if an action or account is real or not are used.

A lot of fraudulent activity occurs in patterns because of automated attacks by spammers.

“Beyond the need to maintain authentic relationships on Facebook, these third-party vendors often attempt to use malware or other forms of deception to generate fraudulent Likes, which is harmful to all users and the Internet as a whole,” the official says.

Ankhi Das, Director (Public Policy for India and South Asia) of Facebook, says focus is on making sure that people get the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

“This and the opportunity to engage actively and regularly with constituents have led campaign teams and leaders to use the medium, making Facebook a core part of the political infrastructure in the country,” Das says.

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