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Microsoft announced the release of OWA app for Android

Posted April 2, 2014


Microsoft on Monday announced the release of OWA app for business editions of Office 365 and Exchange. Microsoft had already released the OWA app for the iPhone and iPad last year and this latest relase will mean that Android users will have earlier access to new Exchange features, including the latest announcement made by Microsoft at Exchange conference.

OWA offers email, contact and calendar features for Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft wrote on its blog post “For a billion people, the phone is already their first and only connected device. We know that nearly half of emails are now first seen on the phone. So it’s clear that phone is becoming the primary screen for communications. This means we need to have the best email and communications experience on all phones.” “We also want our customers and users to have access to the latest features in Exchange. Of course, the Windows Phone team continues to provide the most comprehensive support for the latest Exchange features in the native Outlook app on Windows phones. On iPhone and iPad, we released the OWA app last year.”



Also some new features which were introduced are “Clutter” which learns how you handle your email and promises to separate important email from the tons of junk that often fill inboxes.

For example, if you completely ignored Juan’s email about his recent vacation pictures, that message was likely unimportant to you – i.e., clutter.  On the other hand, if you both read and responded to Cathy’s email about her new budget proposal, that message was likely important to you – i.e., not clutter.

Outlook Web App now includes full integration with OneDrive for Business, allowing you to easily share files stored in the cloud as attachments in your email. There are two ways you can share a file with Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business:

  • When you send an attachment from your computer or device you can now automatically upload the file to your OneDrive cloud drive and send it as a link.
  • You can also easily attach a file directly from your OneDrive cloud drive when sending an email in Outlook Web App.

When you send these links in Outlook Web App, permissions on the document are set automatically. Any recipient on the To: and CC: lines will be able to view and edit the file by default. No manual configuration is needed.

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