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Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Ashton Kutcher invests in Artificial-Intelligence Company

Posted March 28, 2014


As we know that Mark Zuckerberg is the founder Facebook, one of the world’s biggest social network. Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla Motors (company building electrical cars) & SapceX (seeking to be frontrunner in the space tourism sector) and Ashton Kutcher the actor who played the role of Steve Jobs. All of them has invested $40 million in a secretive artificial intelligence firm Vicarious.

According to a WSJ report, the funding round is the second major infusion of capital for the company in two years, is the latest sign of life in artificial intelligence. Vicarious has an ambitious goal to replicate the neocortex of the human brain in computer code, coming up with a software programme that can think like a person. The neocortex is the part of the brain that sees, controls the body and understands language and mathematics and the firm claims it’s already produced software that can do the first part – interpreting images.

Well realizing such human like AI robots may take decades for the firms like Vicarious to achieve but major tech firms like Google, Yahoo and Facebook has immediate requirements of such tech. According to the Vicarious website, the company has already developed technology, based on the human brain, which could solve text-based Captcha tests 90% of the time.

The company’s co-founder Scott Phoenix told the WSJ,  that the next step will be creating a computer that can understand textures as well as shapes and objects. Phoenix hopes that, in the coming days, Vicarious’s computers will learn to how to cure diseases, create cheap, renewable energy, and perform the jobs that employ most human beings. “We tell investors that right now, human beings are doing a lot of things that computers should be able to do,” he says. Vicarious has remained secretive till date and has not declared about the technology they are working on, not even they have published their address fearing hack attacks and corporate espionage.

Although Vicarious has backing form several leading investors but it does not expects that major breakthrough in the field of AI will happen anytime soon.


Top Image Credit : Wikimedia

 via Binarycse

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