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Microsoft renames its “SkyDrive” to “OneDrive” following Trademark Dispute with BSkyB

Posted January 29, 2014


Microsoft has renamed its cloud based storage service “SkyDrive” to ”OneDrive”. Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Consumer Apps & Services at Microsoft’s made this announcement. The re-branding has been done due to the legal dispute between European broadcaster BSkyB and Microsoft, wherein BSkyB claimed that the name “SkyDrive” infringed on its own trademark. BSkyB, one of the largest pay-TV providers in Europe, offers online streaming, mobile apps, and even had its own online storage service called “Sky Store & Share” from 2008-2011. Microsoft, meanwhile, had claimed it wasn’t easy to confuse its cloud-based SkyDrive services with BSkyB’s pay-TV, mobile and online services.

BSkyB won a judgement in the England and Wales High Court in June 2013, the two parties announced they had come to a settlement that July. Microsoft decided not to appeal as it had previously threatened, but rather agreed to transition its service to a new brand. Ryan stated in the blog post that —Of course, changing the name of a product as loved as SkyDrive wasn’t easy. We believe the new OneDrive name conveys the value we can deliver for you and best represents our vision for the future. We are excited about what is to come, and can’t wait to share more. For current users of either SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro, you’re all set. The service will continue to operate as you expect and all of your content will be available on OneDrive and OneDrive for Business respectively as the new name is rolled out across the portfolio.

Users can visit the to know further details.



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