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Compare the Space Station’s Internet Speed with Yours

Posted January 20, 2014

We now take it for granted that astronauts on the International Space Station can tweet and post things on Facebook and G+ live from space, but it wasn’t always so. Before January of 2010, any emails, news, or Twitter messages were sent to and from the ISS in uplink and downlink packages, so for example, Twitter messages from the astronauts were downlinked to mission control in Houston, and someone there posted them on the astronauts’ Twitter accounts.

But now they have “live” internet. However, as you can imagine, there are no fiberoptic cables hooking up to the ISS, so the internet speeds aren’t blazing fast. Find out how fast in this latest video update from NASA’s Space to Ground, a weekly update on what’s happening aboard the ISS.

Source: Universe Today, story by Nancy Atkinson

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