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Microsoft’s News and Xbox Support Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Posted January 13, 2014


In an another hack attack The Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked one of the Microsoft Twitter accounts. Earlier this month on the New Year’s day,  Syrian Electronic Army targeted the Skype, posting anti-surveillance messages to the video-chat service’s blog and to its Twitter and Facebook accounts. In the latest attack the hackers posted messages on the @MSFTnews account urging to reject the corporation’s products and also not to use Hotmail and Outlook because the hackers claim that this mail system passes personal information to secret services. The SEA claimed that these services are surveying their user’s accounts and selling information to the governments.



SEA also gained access of the @XboxSupport account and posted a link to the SEA website, along with other messages tagging the group’s own Twitter account. But the tweet handles were deleted within 45 minutes of being posted. SEA twitted the screen snaps of the Xbox Support account, along with an image showing access to the Xbox Instagram account. A follow-up tweet on Saturday, also issued through the Microsoft News Twitter account, showed an image of the Syrian flag with the message: “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here via @Official_SEA16 #SEA.” In 2013, it  SEA claimed responsibility for the hack of the Fox News Network , The New York Times, Twitter, Huffington Post and several other sites.




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