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This app will help you quit your job by text messaging

Posted January 9, 2014

Quit Your Job

Are you sick of your existing job? Do you dislike your pushy Boss? and you are wondering what to write or convey in your parting words. The creators of BreakUp Text, Jake Levine has developed another app to rescue  you from this awkward situation.  An app called Quit Your Job that lets you terminate your employment with just a few taps. It sends a text message by choosing your essential reasons for leaving, then it creates a suitable text and sends it to your employer.

It begins by offers you three ways to quit your existing job: “I’m sick of the corporate world,” “I want to get rich,” and “I found a new job.” Quit Your Job is a free iPhone app that uses an emerging technology called “text messaging” to tell your boss where he can put that job of yours.

Just tell the app why you’re leaving, what you’re planning on doing next, and the messaging system will take care of the rest. According to its developer –This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true quitting job notice functionality.


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