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Microsoft releases “Solitaire Collection”, “Mahjong” and “Minesweeper” for Windows Phone [Download]

Posted January 6, 2014

Microsoft has announced the availability of three popular gaming apps for Windows Phone users – “Solitaire Collection”, “Mahjong” and “Minesweeper”. The games have been redesigned for a new generation of players and devices. For starters, similar to Xbox games, you can earn achievements, compete with your friends, submit your scores to leaderboards, and track your personal gameplay stats. You can also play, pause, and resume your games across Windows phones, PCs, and tablets.



Solitaire Collection –Popular variations including Klondike, Spider, FreeCell and TriPeaks are also included and you can download it from here.



Microsoft Mahjong –has been updated with beautiful imagery, intuitive controls, and several other features, you can download it from here.

Minesweeper –It has been updated with graphics and sound. You can now play with a touch of your finger to mark the locations of all the mines without uncovering any of them, you can download it from here.

Image Credit : Microsoft



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