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Equitymaster Launches Equitymaster Club – The Aam Investor Community

Posted January 6, 2014


On the occasion of the New Year, Equitymaster, Indias first financial website, announces the launch of its biggest initiative yet, The Equitymaster Club – For The Aam Investor.

The Equitymaster Club is a much needed platform built specially for retail investors or the Aam Investor.

Its a platform where individual investors can interact with each other, as well as learn and discuss investment related queries across various asset classes like equities, gold, real estate, mutual funds and others.

Members of this platform will also be able to get experienced insight into investing from the Equitymaster Club Team which comprises of research analysts from both Equitymaster and PersonalFN among others.

The initiation of the Equitymaster Club is part of Equitymasters philosophy to empower the Aaminvestor, who has very limited resources.

With over 20 years of existence in the financial domain, Equitymaster has undertaken numerous initiatives in the past to empower the Aam Investor of India. Right from the First Stock Market Yearbook (Databank on Top Indian Companies) that was published 20 years back to the launch of Intelligent Portfolio Tracker. From honest research services for the Aam Investors to various e-Learning Courses.

However, The Equitymaster Club is a major step forward because it not only brings the Aam investor community together on one platform to help each other out but also empowers them with the right information from experienced individuals.

Also, since the goal of the Equitymaster Club is to be a platform where members learn and make well informed investment decisions, Equitymaster is committed to keeping the Equitymaster Club completely TIP-Free and well moderated.

The Equitymaster Club is completely free for all. To join this initiative, you can check out the link below:

About Equitymaster:

Equitymaster is an independent equity research initiative aimed at empowering the investor by giving him honest, unbiased opinions on investing in share markets.


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