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Chromebook Is Giving Macbook A Run For Its Money

Posted December 31, 2013

Google has taken a very clever marketing strategy, they have chosen the education sector as their target market for Chromebooks. In an attempt to popularise Chromebooks and also do some good for education, Google is offering Chromebooks for free to around 3000 schools in the US, Singapore and Malaysia and very recently in India. If the statistics are accurate, seems like Google’s strategy has paid off and it is now posing some serious danger to Windows laptops and Macbooks.

The following graph should tell you more about the current market scenario:


“There are no governments or IT departments running out to buy these products — they would be underwhelmed, instead, this growth is being driven by education.” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies. “Education is still very keyboard-centric,it’s driven by the concept that you want students to create and not just consume. The iPad is great for consumption and areas where touch can be integrated, but when it comes to writing papers or making comments, there are challenges.”

Apple has been rapidly losing MacBook and iPad market share to Android powered tablets and Chromebooks. Android tablets and Chromebook sales have grown significantly from 400,00 units to 1.76 million units in the past year.

“Certain organizations are looking for low-cost devices that have a strong connection to a set of Google services such as Google Docs and Drive. Along with form factor and price, Chromebooks are a more compelling choice for students and companies over full-fledged notebooks or tablet,” said a senior analyst at NPD.

Students are restricted by shoe string budgets and people who cannot go for a full fledged laptop are opting for keyboard equipped Chromebooks instead of tablets which fall in similar price brackets (sometimes much costlier). Also tight integration with Google services makes the deal even sweeter for people who use them extensively.

With the rise Chromebooks, will Apple join the ‘scroogled’ campaign with Microsoft or work on a Chromebook competitor?


Abhijoy Sarkar via Muktware

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