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Steam OS User? Switch To Beta Channel

Posted December 23, 2013


Since it’s extremely easy to install Steam OS on a dedicated machine, there are many users like me who are already running it along with getting a decent Debian/Gnome 3 experience.

Since Steam OS is still in testing/beta phase users can’t really complain about things and can instead work towards getting it better. Valve is offering two ‘channels’ or repositories for users – alchemist and alchemist_beta.

As the name applies alchemist_beta “is a testing release where fixes and features will gradually accumulate on a daily or weekly basis”, as Jvert explains.

As with any other beta, when the changes are stable and ready for ‘prime-time’ they will be pushed to the main ‘alchemist’ repo. Thought important bug-fixes and security updates will be pushed directly into the main channel.

The company is evaluating the best procedure to test and push updates to main channel.

If you are an enthusiast and want early access to upcoming features and updates (and I have no reason to believe you are not if you are already running Steam OS) then you should switch to beta repositories.

Just run this command from the terminal to add the repo

sudo apt-get install steamos-beta-repo

Just keep one thing in mind – it’s like red pill vs blue pill. Once you chose the ‘beta’ there is no way getting out of the rabbit hole. If you do want to go back to ‘stable’ repo you will have to restore your system.

 via Muktware

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