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Is South Korea Moving To Ubuntu From Windows XP?

Posted December 23, 2013

Microsoft is finally retiring Windows XP on April 8, 2014. XP was the version which helped Microsoft cement its place as the dominant player in the desktop OS arena. Even after 12 years in the market, XP is widely popular and is used by millions. Retiring official support for Windows XP has got organizations across the world thinking about security, fixes and stability of the OS. Due to heavy costs incurred in purchasing new Windows licenses, they are looking at alternatives outside of the Microsoft domain. One of the alternatives, is the hugely popular free and open source Linux distribution, Ubuntu.

Linux, particularly Ubuntu, is popular among the government organisations and educational institutions across the world. The French Police, the city of Munich, Germany and many others made a switch to Linux from Windows. Govt of Kerela in India, announced its official support for free/open-source software in its State IT Policy and Govt of China declared Ubuntu as their nation’s official OS.

Now, Business Korea, a prominent business magazine in South Korea, says, they have reports of serious talks in their home country on how to replace Windows XP. There are range of talks and debates on how to continue using the retired Windows XP, pay up extra money, which may run up to thousands of dollars to upgrade to Windows 7 or perhaps install an alternative OS to replace it.

According to an industry source on December 15, there is a heated discussion about replacing Windows XP with an alternative OS in IT communities at home and abroad, since the market for PC operating systems (OS) has been divided into largely MS windows and Mac OS, without any other significant operating systems. But the issue of a third option has now become a reality, as Windows XP is going to be retired.

Replacing Windows with Linux may not be easy, as the two operating systems are different. Users would need to change habits, adjust to a new way of doing things. Training will be required to ease the transition process and will not happen overnight. However, organisations will be better off spending their money in training staff on how to use Ubuntu and LibreOffice than investing thousands of dollars on Windows licenses.


 via Muktware

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