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KDE’s Plasma Media Center 1.2 Out

Posted December 23, 2013

KDE community’s official media center application — Plasma Media Center (PMC) — is out with a new release v1.2. PMC is a recent inductee into KDE SC’s official apps arsenal: its first stable release came out in the March of this year. Version 1.2 comes four months after the last release, and brings a host of new features and bugfixes.

PMC is aimed towards a unified media experience on PCs, Tablets, Netbooks, TVs and any other device that is capable of running KDE software. PMC can be used to view images, play music or watch videos. It’s interesting to witness the evolution of KDE’s own one stop media solution. Remember that GNOME too announced their own music app–GNOME Music–slated to be part of GNOME’s next big release, v3.8. Among the features that have been planned for PMC 1.3 are more customization options and improved Picasa and YouTube support.

Sinny Kumari, an active PMC contributor, announced the new release on Dot KDE (KDE’s news site):

The KDE community has a Christmas gift for you! We are happy to announce the release of KDE’s Plasma Media Center 1.2 – your first stop for media and entertainment created by the Elves at KDE. Plasma Media Center is designed to provide an easy and comfortable way to watch your videos, browse your photo collection and listen to your music, all in one place. This release brings many refinements and a host of new features, making consuming media even easier and more fun.

New features introduced in this release are:
Improved Music Mode All Music mode has been improved so that you will have a good time navigating through your music – be it by artist, album, search or just see it all.

Artist and Album Cover Retrieval While PMC already did use album covers contained in your music files, this new release enables PMC to go to and fetch new album covers and artist images!

Folder Previews for Picture Browsing While browsing your drives for pictures, you can now see thumbnails of pictures that are inside folders.

Keyboard bindings for media control You can now also use keys on the keyboard – default shortcuts include (N)ext, (Z)Previous, and space for Play/Pause.

Multiple Playlists Support This is now possible as the team has build an interface to create and manage these playlists.

New icons for controller The new icons are refreshing and much easier to distinguish.

For more information on Plasma Media Center, check its KDE wiki page. For the impatient few, PMC can be downloaded and installed via its source. The rest may want to wait until PMC 1.2 appears as an update in their Linux distro’s repositories.

 via Muktware

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