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KDE 4.12 Software Compilation, An Overview Of Improvements

Posted December 23, 2013

KDE 4.12 SC (software compilation) is out. The release not only has bugs been taken care of, many applications have been improved and given additional functionality. Some of the major applications which have seen updates are KDE PIM (Personal Information Management) suite, Kate, Okular and KWalletManager. KDE Games such as KReversi and KNetWalk and Konquest have seen improvements as also have educational applications such as KTouch, KStars, Marble and KAlgebra.

KDE PIM applications have undergone major work. Improvements have been made in terms of performance, stability and scalability in the underlying KDE PIM data cache. Support for PostgreSQL with QT 4.8.5 has been fixed. calendarjanitor, a new command line tool, has been developed to scan for buggy data in calendars and adds a debug dialog for search. Another new tools called ContactThemeEditor gives the ability to create themes for KAddressBook. The addressbook can show previews before printing data.

Major bugs for KNotes have been fixed. Integration with Kontact has been improved. Among the improvements are ability to create new themes and selection of notes for deletion.

KMail now gets AdBlock support and improves its support for scam detection by extending shortened URLs. Emails marked read can be archived in specific folders using FolderArchiveAgent, a new Akonadi Agent. Sieve support has also been improved. In 4.11, users could create filters on servers. With 4.12 these filters can also be modified using GUI. Existing KMail filters can be converted to server filters. Other updates include improved mbox support and cleaner GUI for Send Later functionality.

Kate gets initial Vim macro support. Another area of improvement is code completion an overview of which can be had here. These improvements will also trickle down to applications using Kate technology like KDevelop.


Okular will support printer margins while printing content. Epub users can now listen to audio and watch embedded videos. Improvements have been made to search functionality.


KWalletManager can store passwords using GPG. Privacy tool KGPG has been updated to display more information to the users.

Improvements, both in terms of performance and functionality, have also been made to Dolphin, KRDC, KDialog and KWebKit.


A full read of what KDE SC 4.12 brings can be had here. Instructions for upgrading to 4.12 in openSUSE is available here.


 via Muktware

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