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New dual-booting Asus tablets on the horizon

Posted December 4, 2013

Reports on the Internet indicate that Asus may soon be launching a new family of tablets. The tablet family will come in three flavours – M80T running Windows only, M81T running on Android only and M82T which will dual boot with Android and Windows. We may have to wait some more time for the specifications to be revealed. Currently, it is with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) undergoing evaluation. With CES (Consumer Electronic Show) to be held between Jan 7 and 10 next year, Asus may be looking to unveil these devices there.

Asus does have a dual booted tablet running Android and Windows called the Asus Transformer Book Trio. The company claims it to be the first 3 in 1 device capable of being a tablet, laptop and Desktop PC. Priced around $1700, the tablet can connect to a monitor and a detachable keyboard. Users can view CNet’s video on the Trio by clicking here.

asus_tablet_m80t_specificationsWindows has not been competitive enough in selling it’s Surface range of tablets against Google and Apple. For this reason, it has been pushing its partners to offer dual booted versions of Android devices with Windows with a view to increase its market share. There are also reports of Nokia, Samsung and HTC coming up with their versions of dual-booted tablets.

How well a dual-booted tablet will succeed depends on the price difference between a pure android and a dual-booted one. Retail consumers may very well avoid if it is significant. On the other hand, the tablet may succeed in luring enterprises.

Source: Muktware

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